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Numeracy - September - October 2020 (Group 1)

Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 1

Understand and use mathematical language when talking about their work.


  • Count forwards and backwards in 1s and 2s from different starting points within 100.
  • Recognise, read and write numerals within 100.
  • Understand the terms before, after and in between.
  • Recognise 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins.
  • Buy 2 items at a time up to 50p.


  • Use mathematical language when comparing objects for weight, length, capacity and area.
  • Develop an understanding of the passing of time through days of the week and months of the year.

Handling Data

  • Use Tree and Venn diagrams to sort.
  • Contribute to class pictographs and interpret the diagram.

Shape and Space

  • Sort and group 2D shapes
  • Use everyday language to describe position, direction and movement.

Mental Maths

  • Mentally add 1 and 2 to any number, answers within 100.
  • Explore Mathletics

Literacy - September - October 2020 (Group 1)

Language & Literacy – During Term 1

Talking & Listening

  • Listen to and follow instructions accurately.
  • Speak clearly and audibly with confidence to a range of audiences.

Reading (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Participate in guided reading sessions and develop visual, meaning and grammar reading strategies.
  • Know the purpose of captions, labels and lists.
  • Recognise full-stops and capital letters when reading and name them correctly.

Writing (At appropriately differentiated levels)

Sentence Construction & Punctuation:

  • Use upper case letters and full stops to demarcate sentences

Phonics & Spelling

  • Linking sounds to letters, sounding the letters of the alphabet.
  • Hearing and saying sounds in order in words.
  • Blending sounds to read and write CVC and CCVC words.


  • Use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip.
  • Write between the lines in their literacy books.
  • Writing:
  • Write independent sentences.
  • Be able to choose the correct word to complete sentences.

Numeracy - September - October 2020 (Group 2)

Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 1


  • Place Value of numbers within 99,999- Reading and writing numbers, demonstrating the value of numbers, knowing the number before, after and between numbers.
  • Understand what a mixed number fraction is.
  • Quick recall of multiplication and division facts.
  • Written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


  • Calculating perimeter
  • Changing 12hr time to 24hr time.

Handling Data

  • Collect, organise and present data.

Shape and Space

  • 3Dshape – sort, name, recognise and describe a range of 3D shapes
  • Recognise acute, obtuse and right angles.
  • Be able to use a protractor to measure and draw angles .
  • Recognise and name different lines.

Mental Maths

  • Revision of components of 20
  • Doubles and halves within 50
  • Mental addition and subtraction of 2digit numbers.
  • Quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

Literacy - September - October 2020 (Group 2)

Language & Literacy – During Term 1

Talking & Listening

  • Speak clearly and coherently
  • Identify some aspects of talk which vary between formal and informal occasions
  • Explain and justify methods, opinions and conclusions.

Reading (At appropriately differentiated levels)

  • Engage in guided and shared reading sessions using both fiction & non-fiction texts.
  • Develop our literal and inference reading comprehension skills.

Writing (At appropriately differentiated levels)

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Nouns (pluralisation), Verbs (past, present and future) and adverbs (to qualify dialogue verbs)
  • Exploring synonyms and shades of meaning
  • The difference between direct and reported speech


  • Instructions
  • Understand and evaluate a range of instructional texts.
  • Write instructional texts and test them out.
  • Story writing
  • Use a picture for stimulus to be able to write a story.
  • Planning, writing, editing and evaluating a story for a particular audience

World Around Us - September - October 2020

World Around Us (Topic Work) - Our topic is Autumn

Some of the activities we will be involved in are:

  • Participate in an Autumn walk, describing experiences using their senses
  • Learn about apples, from seed to product
  • Explore why the days get shorter.
  • Explore why we have temperature changes.
  • Explore changes of state within Autumn
  • Create a class scarecrow, creating instructions
  • Learn about hedgehogs and their habitats
  • Consider appropriate clothing for Autumn
  • Move and respond to Autumnal music


  • Explore: Carry out online research on Autumn
  • Express: Create an information sheet including picture and labels.


  • Evaluate: Discuss ICT work with teacher. Talk about any improvements or changes that could have been made.
  • Exchange: Post comments about learning about Autumn on Google Classroom.
  • Exhibit: Save work using an appropriate file name.




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