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Dungannon Primary School
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Primary 4

Welcome to Miss Hall's Primary Four Class!


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Literacy - November - December 2018

Language & LiteracyDuring November and December:

We will be learning to:


Grammar & Punctuation:

  • Past tense: adding “ed” and common irregular past participles e.g. said, went, came
  • Speech marks
  • Adjectives
  • Apostrophes for contraction e.g. I am à I’m
  • Alphabetical order

Phonics/ Spelling:

  • Understand and spell common contractions e.g. I’m, didn’t
  • Form plurals using “s” and “es”
  • Extend our knowledge the same phoneme (sound) can be represented in a variety of ways.  


  • Plan and write a story
  • Read and compose our own shape poems and calligrams


  • As well as Guided Reading the children will develop their skills by participating in the Accelerated Reader programme.

World Around Us - November - December 2018

World Around Us


Continue and complete activities relating to ‘Our Town Dungannon – A Castle Town’.

  • Roles of different people in castle
  • Explore purpose of towers
  • Tower challenge: create tallest, stable tower
  • Create castle fact file using Book Creator
  • Visit Ranfurly House: complete activities in ‘Dungannon – Where I Live’ programme.
  • Survey of buildings on walk to Ranfurly house
  • Complete ‘L’ section of KWL grid


Winter weather

We will explore winter weather through a number of different activities:

  • Investigate winter weather around the world
  • Experiment with making snow
  • Complete ice investigations
  • Explore impact of winter weather on animals
  • Observe and record daily weather



Our Trip to Carrickfergus Castle


Numeracy - November - December 2018

Mathematics & NumeracyDuring November and December:

We will be learning to:


  • Develop a standard written method for vertical addition TU (with exchange), estimating the answer before calculating.
  • Understand that addition and subtraction are inverse operations.
  • Begin to understand the concept of multiplication and division through practical activities.
  • Carry out shopping activities calculating totals and change within £1.
  • Understand the concepts of X and -:- through practical activities.
  • Begin to develop recall of 2 and 10 X and -:- facts.


  • Develop an appreciation of the weight of 1kg.
  • Estimate and measure using the metre as a standard unit.
  • Understand and use quarter to in analogue and digital time.
  • Know that there are 24 hours in one day, a.m. = 12 hours and p.m. = 12 hours.
  • Know that there are 60 minutes in 1 hour, 30 minutes in ½ hour and 15 minutes in ¼ hour.
  • Calculate durations involving hour, half past and quarter past times.

Shape & Space:

  • Recognise one line of symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes, designs and pictures.
  • Fit shapes together to make new shapes (e.g. tangrams).     
  • Understand and use “quarter turn”, ½ and ¾ turn.
  • Understand and use “left”, “right” to describe direction of turn.

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