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Dungannon Primary School

Primary 6

Welcome to Mr Young's Primary Six Class!

Literacy - April - June 2018

Language & Literacy – During Term 3


  • Different spellings of the sounds; n, sion, t, c, z, j


  • Write personal metaphors for performance poetry
  • Understand the term ‘onomatopoeia’
  • Know and understand the term ‘preposition
  • Understand how to use apostrophes
  • Know and understand the use of prefixes
  • Know and understand how to use connectives
  • Use superlatives and irregular verbs


  • Persuasive writing to put or argue a point of view:
  • Know and understand the features of persuasive writing
  • Write a persuasive letter

Choral and performance Poetry:

  • Write metaphors from original ideas.
  • Use personal metaphors in groups to create a class poem and performance.


  • Understand the techniques of persuasive language
  • Plan and manage a group task over time



Numeracy - April - June 2018

Mathematics & Numeracy – During Term 3

We will be learning to:


  • Find fractions of quantities
  • Percentages of quantities and costs
  • Fractions/percentages/decimals conversions
  • Review 4 operations


  • Convert between unit of length, weight and capacity and apply.
  • Timetables and durations

Shape &Space

  • Classify triangles
  • 3D shape properties and nets
  • Position and turning / 8 point compass

Data Handling

  • Find mean and range of a set of data
  • Probability of events

Mental Maths

  • Times tables and revision facts review
  • Word problems: percentages, temperature, sharing, time
  • Fractions and percentages of amounts

World Around Us - April - June 2018

World Around Us -

Completion of FLIGHT TOPIC:

  • Practical investigations of air pressure, lift and thrust.
  • Investigate the forces of flight
  • Research the history flight


  • Through art and World Around lessons we will investigate textiles.
  • Look at the history of linen production in Dungannon.
  • Find out about types of materials
  • Grouping and classifying textiles
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using a particular textile
  • Conducting experiments on the properties of a variety of textiles.
  • Investigate weaving through art.

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