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Dungannon Primary School

LSC Infant

Welcome to Mrs Clayton's and Mrs Kelly's LSC Infant Class.

Numeracy - May - June 2018

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Making and counting sets up to 20
  • Reading numbers to 10 or 20
  • Writing the numbers to 10 or 20
  • Adding and taking away within 10 or 20
  • Exchanging coins for goods in the context of play
  • Matching and sorting individual coins

Shape &Space

     Recognise and name circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

  • Talk about these shapes in their environment
  • Copy and continue simple patterns

Handling Data

  • Sort real objects for a given criterion.
  • Sort a range of 2D and 3D shapes according to self-chosen criterion



Mental Maths

  • Number before/after a given number
  • Number naming, recognition from memory
  • Find the missing number
  • Counting forwards and backwards from a given number.

Literacy - May - June 2018

Language & Literacy

Talking and Listening

  • Taking turns to speak
  • Asking and answering questions,
  • recall the main events in a story.


  • Hold their pencil using the correct pencil grip.
  • Controlling the pencil along different shapes and lines
  • Correct use of scissors
  • Tracing/Writing their name
  • Letter formation
  • Select appropriate tools for a range of writing purposes.
  • Using our phonic knowledge to help us with our own writing.


  • Enjoying stories
  • Be able to talk about a part of the story that they really enjoyed.
  • Be able to talk about the main characters and
  • the setting of a story.
  • Be able to read the words hat, man, ran, cat, has, am, sat and bad.


  • Recognise and sound g, w, j, x, k, v, z.
  • Blend the sounds together to make cvc words

World Around Us - May - June 2018

World Around Us (Topic Work) - Our topic this half term is ‘Growing’. We will be:

  • learning that different seasons bring with them different types of weather.
  • learning to recognise some of the jobs carried out by people in the local community.
  • learning to recognise and record the sequence of events in simple stories and in personal history e.g. photos and artefacts.
  • learning that the sun gives us light and heat and that we should never look at the sun.
  • learning to recognise changes happening in everyday life.

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