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Dungannon Primary School
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Welcome to Mrs Wharton's LSC JS Class.


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Literacy - November - December 2018

Language & Literacy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Using basic punctuation in a sentence - the correct use of capital letters and full stops.
  • Become familiar with question and exclamation marks and when to use them in writing.
  • Verbs, nouns and adjectives – identifying them in sentences.       


  • Talk about, plan and record sentences based on pictures.


  • To check written work and identify where corrections are needed – initially with adult support.

Spellings and Phonics

  • Know and understand that the same phoneme can be represented in more than one way.
  • Identify and categorise the most common representations of the same sound eg boat, no, tow, note.
  • Be able to spell an increasing number of commonly used High Frequency words independently.


  • Increase reading accuracy and fluency.
  • Promote use of expression when reading.
  • Locate information in a text in order to answer questions.
  • Using a dictionary or thesaurus.
  • Accelerated Reading and Bugclub texts



World Around Us - November - December 2018

World Around Us (Topic Work) -

We are continuing on with our topic ‘Wonderful Me’.

This topic allows the children to cover aspects of History, Geography and Science and Technology.

  • The story of Louis Braille.
  • The work of Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Using sign language to communicate
  • Sound experiments

Our Visit to Palace Stables


As part of our topic ‘Wonderful Me,’ LSC J/S went to Palace Stables with Mrs. McKane’s class to learn about our 5 senses. We had great fun taking part in the practical activities related to each sense. Of course, we couldn’t come back to school without a visit to the park as well.


Numeracy - November - December 2018

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this half term we will be studying:


  • Quick recall of number facts using addition/subtraction.
  • Estimating before calculating (addition/subtraction).
  • Money – coin recognition, different ways to make amounts, working out amounts for change, problem solving by selecting required mathematical operations.


  • Calendar work using days of the week and months of the year.
  • Reading and recording times in analogue and digital forms.
  • Practical activities investigating volume and capacity of different sized containers.
  • Practical length and weight activities using standard and non-standard measures

Mental Maths

  • Components of 10 and adding/taking away 10 from a single digit number
  • Adding on/taking away 10 or multiples of 10 using numbers to 100
  • Adding on/taking away 9 from numbers to 100
  • Counting on and back in 2’s and 10’s

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