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Literacy - May - June 2021

Language & Literacy – In this term we will be studying:


· Using basic punctuation in a sentence – consistently remembering to use capital letters and full stops.

· Become familiar with question and exclamation marks and when to use them in writing.

· Verbs, nouns and adjectives – identifying these in the text.


· Talk about, plan and record sentences to write short descriptions.

· To read over their work to check if it makes sense and to correct their mistakes.

Spellings and Phonics

· Know and understand that the same phoneme can be represented in more than one way.

· Identify and categorise the most common representations of the same sound.

· Be able to spell an increasing number of commonly used High Frequency words independently.


· Increase reading accuracy and fluency.

· Promote use of expression when reading.

· Encourage children to talk about what they have read.

· Locate information in a text in order to answer questions.

Numeracy - May - June 2021

Mathematics & Numeracy – In this term we will be studying:


· Number recognition & ordering numbers to 30/Place value of numbers within 99 and exchanging units for a ten/multiplying a 2digit number by a single digit number and practical grouping for division.

· Money: adding money & making amounts to 20p/99p/£9.99. : finding change from 20p/50p & £1/£10


· Reading analogue & digital clocks: o’clock & half past/quarter past & quarter to/ in 1 minute intervals.

Position & Shape

· Recognising turns: left & right, clockwise & anticlockwise.

· Programming Bee-Bot to move to different locations

Mental Maths

· Develop quick recall of adding 0n & subtracting 1 using numbers to 10/halving numbers to 20 & making 10/x6,7,8,9 tables & ÷ 2,3,4,5 tables.

World Around Us - November - December 2020

World Around Us - Minibeasts


· Recognise the main natural features of the local environment.

Science and Technology

· To sort living things using observable features.

· To find out about some animals including how they grow and move.


· Discuss and sort living & non-living things.

· Use books and the internet to find out about different minibeasts.

· Identify minibeasts and their habitats using pictures and looking for minibeasts around school.

· Sorting minibeast using Venn & Carroll Diagrams.

· Collect and observe minibeasts and how they move.

· Identify & name parts of an insect.

· Observe, discuss & order the life cycle of a butterfly.


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